Dale Dabone

Dale DaBone

While every company likes to provide testimonials we thought this one deserved its own page. Read this testimonial and then get ready to order Hot Rawks because if Dale Dabone thinks Hot Rawks is great, then that is one incredible endorsement. Remember our ingredients are Certified Organic and you can subscribe to save $10.00 off the regular price per bottle!


Someone with this lifestyle has to take care of their body.  What better way than with Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™ Certified Organic  Superfood-Injected Aphrodisiac for men and women.

My name is Dale Rutter AKA “Dale DaBone”, I have a full schedule and I rarely get a break between my professional career and personal activities. I am always on the road and I have to take care of my body physically, mentally, and nutritionally, my career depends on it. I’ve been in the adult industry for a very long time and I’ve honestly tried every enhancement and libido pill out there, and I finally found one that works.
I have added Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™ to my daily supplement intake and I can really tell a difference in my sex drive, performance, energy, and stamina, plus I have the arousal of an 18-year-old, without all the nasty side effects of most supplements on the market today. Not to  mention all the health benefits I get from the superfoods in Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™. I also love the fact that it’s designed for men and women.  I give it to the girls I’m working with and they love it too. True organic superfoods and herbs can benefit everyone, not just target one sex, that’s why I take Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks™. Finally a healthy libido enhancer that works.  I chose to endorse this product because it does all it says and more.
Wanna be bad to DaBone? “I take Raw-Nation’s Hot Rawks, do you?”

-Dale DaBone